Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Australian Bushland - Australia's Outback

The Australian bushland is located along Australia’s Gold Coast. The bush is known all over the world and it is very special to the people who call Australia home. There are several beautiful retreats that are set in the area. Families who can enjoy time there are treated to a myriad of breathtaking scenes on a daily basis.

The Australian bushland is home to a lot of unique plants and animals. These species thrive in the different habitats that can be found in the bushland. The bush is also a great place for people to relax. Houses that built there provide priceless hours of time away from stress for the occupants.

Although the homes are private and are located away from the city, access to electricity and phones is usually available. People who stay there can see wild creatures such as kangaroos and sugar gliders. You can also see all kinds of birds, in addition to koalas and echidnas.

If you are interested in historic sites, there is also a lot to see. Ancient aboriginal dwellings are there, as are tools and rock structures. In times past, Aboriginal guides with exceptional tracking skills became legends in the minds of European Australians. For Indigenous Australians, intimate knowledge of the land is tied in to their spiritual beliefs.

For many years, the poets, writers and painters of Australian origin have used the bush to help express national identity. Contemporary, music, clothing, architecture and even slang all contain references to the Australian bushland.

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